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How HUD works

The BedroomTM

Explore your desires like never before. With HUD App’s My Bedroom™ feature, you can step into your match’s bedroom to see exactly what they’re really into, open to, and just not into. Every time you visit someone else’s profile, you’ll see how many desire matches you have with that person, creating the opportunity to explore together and communicate your bedroom needs.

The newest addition to HUD App's Bedroom is the Bedroom Archetype. The Bedroom Archetype gives you the opportunity to describe your unique bedroom personality by selecting one of our 12 different archetypes. Display yours loud and proud! Turn your My Bedroom™ into your own shame-free world of self-expression and authenticity.

HUD app product shots displaying a bedroom archetype "The Lover" and a helper screen describing the "Outdoors" bedroom desire.

Interactive Chat

Forget having to note down and remember the parts of someone’s profile interested you the most. Engage directly from their profile by liking or commenting on anything that tickles your fancy.

When you make a match, your chat will show you what they interacted with and allow you to continue the conversation. Bonus! Your chat screen will also proudly display any commonalities that might have been found on your profiles.

HUD app interactive chat elements

Video Chat

The HUD App video chat is not your average video chat. We know the VC drill by now (*cough* covid *cough*); you hop on, you see each other, you chat, and then you go your separate ways. But at HUD, we understand that sometimes, being seen by someone is a lot more intimate than people expect.

With HUD’s video chat, when the call starts, both your camera and your match’s camera start off blurred. You can hear each other, you can talk to each other, but you cannot see each other (yet). Only when you BOTH reveal you’re ready to be seen will your cameras unblur.

HUD app blurred video chat


The HUD App is for everyone. There are no limitations on pleasure, love, or dating, even when it’s casual. No matter who you are or what you’re into, you have a safe place to explore it all on HUD. When signing up, select your gender and add on any additional tags to best describe who you are. From there, select who you’re looking for, with all options available for selection. Plus, if you want to keep some things to yourself, you can choose to show or hide your gender on your profile.

Feeling like a change later down the track? Not a problem! Expand, change, or update your match filters to find exactly who you’re looking for.

HUD user interface elements showing gender inclusivity tags non-binary and a-gender, and showing the "I'm looking for" profile feature.


While embracing both vulnerability and intimacy is core to forming connections, personal safety is just as important. HUD takes safety seriously, because being safe is sexy!

Our wonderful customer love team is always there to review any sus profiles, help out with any account issues, manually review reported users, and strongly uphold our community guidelines. HUD App doesn't tolerate any bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, body shaming, or sexism.

But the safety doesn't stop there. HUD is proud to include several safety features in-app as well. Including, the auto-blur video chat, auto-blur photos, chat requests, contact blocking, and quick and easy reporting and profile blocking.