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Beginner's guide to sex toys

By Mikayla and Siobhan

We have a close, loving, intimate relationship with our sex toys. We're big fans. 10/10 recommend. But we work for a casual dating app and talking about - learning about - sex toys comes with the territory. For the average (non-sex-education-obsessed) person, how do you know what you don't know about sex toys? Thankfully, the Good Girls are here to help.

1. Sex toys will amp up your pleasure to another level.

Back in medieval times, when we were using only our hands to masturbate, we thought we knew what pleasure was. Then we discovered sex toys and WHAT. We were missing so much! So don't be scared - you're in for a world of fun.

2. Talk to people who work at sex toy shops.

Seriously, they are the kindest, most knowledgeable, friendly people. It's literally their job to know what the toys they sell do, so if you can bring yourself to tell them what you're looking for, they will absolutely be able to give you good recommendations.

3. Start small.

When you don't know what you like yet, go with external-use toys like a pulse toy, vibrating dildo, or a finger vibe - things that will provide clitoral stimulation are a good place to start. For dildos, opt for silicone to start with, as they feel softer and less intimidating.

4. Invest in something decent.

Yes, there are cheap sex toys out there, and if that's what you can afford, no shame. Just know that modern sex toys are very heavily researched and developed and tech-integrated and absolutely worth the price, and the better toys will cost a bit. Spending a bit of coin to get something quality will really pay off.

5.  Make sure it's safe for your body.

There are certain chemicals that shouldn't go on, near or around your genitals, so make sure the sex toy you buy is made from body-safe materials. You don't want to get an infection, spread germs, or damage delicate tissues. Silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass are all non-porous and safe for your body.

Did you know? The word "dildo" was first used in the 1600s. It may stem from the Italian word "deletto" which means "delight".

6. Lube is necessary.

Lube is really helpful when you're trying to get toys into, ahem, tight places. As much as possible, opt for a water-based lube, which is body-safe and also compatible with most sex toys. While water-based lubes may feel slightly less lubricating than silicone-based lubes, silicone-based lubes can't be used with silicone toys. Check your toy's instructions to find out what kind of lube is okay.

7. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions.

All sex toys need to be cleaned after every single use in order to ensure that they're safe and hygienic. Some can be washed with hot soapy water, some can go in the dishwasher, and some can be cleaned with a special sex toy cleaning solution which you can purchase from the same place where you get your sex toy.

8. Make sure you store your sex toys properly.

Have a designated place to store your sex toys that's clean, dry, and out of direct sunlight. A drawstring bag in a drawer or a lidded box under the bed might be good options. Keep your toys clean and covered up so they won't get germs, dust, hair, or other gross things on them.

7. Use a weighted blanket.

If you're worried about people hearing the brrzzzz of your vibrator, get under a weighted blanket - they minimise sound a LOT. A fan can also help to mask the buzz without killing the vibe.

8. Sex toys are for couples, too.

There are a lot of good sex toy options you can use together. Remote-based ones (one party wears, another party controls), classic c*ck rings, sets of butt plugs in graduated sizes... Make it a date night, go to the sex toy shop together, and choose something you're both into.

9. Don't say goodbye to your hand.

Sex toys are great, but our hands are still our best friends. Don't neglect the sex toy that's attached to your body. Maybe switch it up - use the toy, then your hand, then the toy again... You know your own body better than any toy ever will, so respect the hand.

10. They're called toys for a reason.

Sex toys are supposed to be fun! Enjoy yourself. You shouldn't be scared of your vibrator, you should be happy to say hello to it after a long, hard day. Play with it, experiment with it, see how it feels on other erogenous zones.

With thanks to our friends at Girls Get Off for letting us borrow their gorgeous image! Girls Get Off believes in helping women to feel confident, supported, and empowered about all things pleasure. They take their mission very seriously, and will only ever release a product that has been tested, approved, and raved about by real-life women.

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