Fetish 101: What's a foot fetish?

By The HUD App Team

Fetishes are a normal part of being a sexual human. What turns you on is individual and unique. HUD App’s “Fetish 101” series aims to destigamitize, educate, and clarify, so we can all learn and feel good about our desires.

A foot fetish, also known as "podophilia", is a sexual fetish that involves feeling sexually aroused by feet.

Foot fetish can involve many different acts, such as having one's feet massaged, kissed, or licked, or wearing certain types of shoes or socks during sexual encounters. Some people with a foot fetish may also be aroused by the sight of feet in certain positions, such as high arches or toes that are pointing downward. Some people may also have a preference for specific types of footwear, such as high heels or boots. Or they may love the sight of a well-manicured set of toenails, polished to perfection (honestly, who doesn’t love seeing a decent pedi instead of Hobbit feet?).

Foot fetishism is considered a harmless and common fetish, with studies estimating that around 50-60% of people have some form of attraction to feet. You can have a foot fetish for other people’s feet (you find seeing other people’s feet attractive), or for your own feet (for example, you find wearing heels or having your feet worshipped a turn-on), or both.

Why do people have foot fetishes? It could be a combination of psychological, cultural, and social factors – consider the now-defunct and terribly disfiguring custom of foot binding that created “lotus feet”, which was seen as a marker of femininity and status in China. Some people with a foot fetish may have developed their attraction to feet through early sexual experiences, while others may have a genetic predisposition to this type of fetish.

Foot fetishism if a common and normal aspect of human sexuality. It's important to remember that fetishes, including a foot fetish, are not inherently harmful or dangerous, as long as all parties involved are consenting adults and participate in the fetish in a safe and respectful manner. However, it's important to also be mindful of boundaries and to only engage in sexual acts that all involved are comfortable with.

Real-life voices: What’s it like having a foot fetish?

Connor (25) says:

“I didn’t know I had a foot fetish until I was in my late teens. When I was in high school, I had one teacher who always wore heels with these open toes and I used to stare at her feet. There was something about the sight of those toes peeping out that excited me, but I was a teenager so didn’t really understand it. I had my first sexual experience with my senior prom date and when she was getting undressed at our hotel after the prom, I asked her to keep her heels on. Then something clicked and I thought, ‘Ah, I have a thing for women wearing high heels.’ Sex feels a little bit more exciting when my partner is wearing heels.”

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