What your zombie apocalypse plan says about your dating personality

By Katherine

In the realm of hypothetical disasters, the zombie apocalypse stands out as a perennial favorite, spawning books, TV shows, movies, video games, and even Halloween costumes (but "sexy zombie" is honestly super weird). Yep, we all love a good zombie apocalypse story, with its heroes and villains, triumphant tales of survival and heartbreaking deaths. (Still not over Glenn from TWD, and never gonna be.)

You've probably, at some point, considered what your plan would be if the zombie apocalypse ever hit. Would you run away? Hide? Fight back? Your approach to surviving the undead hordes can reveal a lot about you - and about your dating personality. It's a unique way of understanding yourself, so let's go there.

Your plan: Hide from everyone

If your zombie survival strategy involved hunkering down in a fortified bunker survivalist-style, relying solely on your own skills and resources - a lone wolf - you probably have a fiercely independent dating style. You value self-reliance, autonomy, and DIY. You don't like to depend on other people for support, and it's possible you don't actually think anyone else can meet your needs the way you can meet them yourself. You attract people who are drawn to your strength and resilience, but you might have a hard time opening up and connecting with people on a deeper level. Also, trust issues.

Your plan: Collaborate

If your plan involves assembling a diverse group of allies, pooling your resources and working together for the good of the team, you probably have a more collaborative and inclusive dating style. You thrive in social settings, enjoy building connections with other people, and value the support and camaraderie of a strong community. You also recognise that there's strength in numbers - whether you're fighting off a menacing horde or you're working to plant a community garden. Having a big group of friends is an advantage in that you're never lonely and there's always someone else to talk to. You might struggle with the more intimate aspects of being one-on-one, but overall, you're a good one to have on side in a hard situation.

Your plan: Fight 'em off

It takes a certain type of person to face a wandering crowd of brains-hungry zombies and fight them off. Courage, quick thinking, bravery, and maybe even a dash of heroism define you - you go toward the fight rather than running away from it. People seek you out for your problem-solving skills and proactive approach, and your dating life reflects this. You're all in, facing every obstacle, dealing with every possible issue head-on and without fear (or you feel the fear and do it anyway). Sometimes softness and slowing down are called for, though, and you need to know when to lay down your weapons and just enjoy things.

Your plan: Run away

This one seems so obvious - you're on the run, moving from town to town, gathering resources while you go and shedding what isn't useful. You don't stay in one place for too long and you definitely don't settle down for the duration. No, for you, it feels safest to keep moving, always one step ahead of potential disaster - and nowhere feels fully "home". You have a wanderer's spirit and can probably fit everything you own into the trunk of your car, and other people love your sense of adventure and spontaneity - you're the person who always has a current passport and is willing to go somewhere at a moment's notice. But you might have a hard time holding on to a relationship if you always think something better is waiting for you just ahead.

Your plan: Find a protector

You've assessed your zombie evasion skills and found them to be a bit... Lacking. So you align yourself with someone bigger, stronger, and more prepared than you are, and you've decided to be a passenger princess/prince for the duration of the zombie invasion, right? There's nothing wrong with wanting to be looked after, pampered, and adored in your dating life or your zombie survival plan. But there will come a time when you need to stand on your own two feet, so work on building your resilience and independence, so you aren't labelled as a leech when you actually have some amazing skills to offer. Also, make sure you're giving as good as you get.

Your plan: Give in and turn zombie

The horde is advancing and you feel like you haven't got any options left. Being undead might not be so bad, right? So you give in, turn zombie, and (un)live out the rest of the plague in a state of bloodthirsty delirium. I mean, it was probably going to happen sometime... And in real life, you're probably the kind of person who is easygoing, easy to get along with, and just plain easy to like. Maybe you're a bit of a chameleon, taking on the interests of the person you're dating because you don't really mind what you do as long as you're together. Just be careful not to lose yourself in your relationship - it's important to cultivate your own interests and hobbies, likes and wants, needs and desires, and to be with someone who respects and encourages you to be yourself.

Ultimately, the most important factors in both survival and dating are communication, adaptability, and the willingness to learn and grow from shared experiences. So whatever your zombie apocalypse plan might be, embrace your own unique approach to life and dating, and remember that the best relationships are built on trust, respect, and mutual support - even in the face of the undead.

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